Vollmer Grinding Machine Wheels

Vollmer Grinding Machine Wheels

Vollmer Grinder Use:

For saw sharpening applications with diamond and cBN Superabrasives, a popular machine is manufactured by Vollmer, manufactured in Germany.  Coastal Diamond has provided replacement diamond and cBN superabrasive grinding wheels for these machines since 1992.  You can benefit from Coastal’s quick delivery and years of expertise providing Vollmer grinding machine wheels to produce excellent finish and reliable operation in both manual and automated saw blade grinding and sharpening machines.

Typical grinding wheels are:


Thick Face Grinding:

Thin Rim Face Grinding:

Side Grinding:

Note: Abrasives for Vollmer grinding machine wheels can be superabrasive diamond or cBN (Cubic Boron Nitride)

Typical operations:

  • Top Grinding or “topping”
  • Face Grinding or “facing”
  • Side Grinding
  • Intermittent grinding of High Speed Steel gullets where the carbide teeth have been worn away

You can count on Coastal Diamond’s reliable wheel performance to provide dependable service in your manual or automated saw sharpening processes.  Our proprietary bond formulations have been developed to resist unforeseen shocks or higher pressures from out of tolerance saw blades or poorly aligned carbide teeth.  In addition, our diamond and cBN superabrasive grinding wheels are engineered to provide the optimum balance of material removal, part surface finish, and wheel life to maximize your productivity.

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