Blanchard Grinding Wheels diamond and cBN superabrasives

Blanchard Grinding Wheels

Blanchard Grinders (which use blanchard grinding wheels) are also known as Rotary Table, Vertical Spindle Grinders.

For grinding large parts, particularly large flat plates, Blanchard grinders are the machines of choice. Blanchard Machine has manufactured over 16,000 Blanchard Grinding machines since the early 1900’s. Blanchard Grinders have become so accepted as the leaders in the field of rotary surface grinding that specifications often call for surfaces to be “Blanchard Ground.” Other manufacturers of these rotary table, vertical spindle machines are Mattison, Elgin, and Lansing, to name a few. All of these machine types use “Blanchard Grinding Wheels.”

Diamond and CBN superabrasive grinding wheels fitted on Blanchard grinders are effective when you need to grind alloy steels; specialty steel, ceramic, or composite parts; or fabrications of exotic materials, such as aircraft parts. These diamond and cBN superabrasives produce efficient material removal rates with high accuracy and high production repeatability with excellent surface finishes.

Coastal Diamond has been providing diamond and cBN Blanchard grinding wheels, rings and wheel segments for decades to improve performance on these machines vs. using conventional abrasives.

Typical Wheels Are:

Typical Operations:

  • Grinding flat plates, sometimes up to 100” or larger depending on the size of the table
  • Truing multiple parts to height / flatness tolerances in a single, intermittent grinding run
  • Surfacing welded frames or assemblies to tight tolerances to receive additional components

When faced with tough materials, Coastal Diamond can provide Diamond and CBN grinding wheels to meet your needs, typically within two weeks. Put our application experience and proprietary formulations to use to improve your grinding productivity. Our wheels are engineered to provide the optimum balance of material removal, part surface finish, and wheel life.

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