ID Grinding Wheels

ID Grinding Wheels

Coastal Diamond has been a leading supplier of ID Grinding Wheels for more than 20 years, using both diamond and CBN abrasives. We have the experience to propose the best combination of abrasive, bond structure, and bond type to help you optimize your grinding operation and save you time and money.

ID Grinding wheels perform a variety of operations, from removing excess stock to meet a final dimension or flatness specification, to truing truing the internal dimension of a cylinder or rod, or providing the desired surface finish on a engineered sleeve. We work closely with customers to perfect the best bond formulation for the job which balances these objectives. Our efficient “make-to-order” LEAN manufacturing process allows us to tailor your ID grinding wheel to your specific needs on a variety of core materials. Our engineers will work with you to ensure that you are using the right wheel for the job.

ID Grinding wheels can be made as small as .020″ and as large as 24.00″ in diameter. The bond selection for each wheel will be dictated by the particular application. Be sure to gather as much information as possible when working with our engineers.

Typical operations may be:

  • Form Grinding
  • Die Grinding
  • Truing
  • And More…

Typical machines may be:

  • Okuma
  • Okamoto
  • Cincinnati
  • Springfield
  • And more….
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