Surgical Instrument Sharpening with cBN Grinding Wheels

Surgical Instrument Sharpening with cBN Grinding Wheels

The ultimate edge is the one in a surgeon’s or technician’s hand and CBN is the ideal material to use to prepare it.  Coastal Diamond has years of experience providing customized grinding solutions to produce a precise edge, repeatedly, reliably and economically.

Due to the minimal wear of CBN wheels while sharpening stainless steels, process repeatability and reproducibility are far superior to conventional abrasives.  Wheel wear can be measured in the tenths of millions of an inch, and wheels can be manufactured to extremely tight tolerances and with near zero “run out” for maintaining delicate edges, such as on retrograde blades.   Overall edge integrity and surface characteristics can be “tuned” and more reliable reproduced with superabrasive surgical instrument sharpening.

When used in either batch or continuous sharpening operations, throughput improvements of 2x to 4x have been sustained versus conventional abrasives.  Coastal Diamond has the engineering resources to work with your stainless steel sharpening line to aid in the conversion from conventional superabrasives and improve output.

Coastal Diamond employs proprietary formulations to maximize your productivity with the stainless steels commonly used for surgical instruments.  Honing operations to eliminate burrs are a specialty as well.

Typical sharpening operation conversions require coordination of the part holder or fixture, the wheel specification, material handling optimization, and secondary operation integration / elimination (eg cleaning, stropping, inspection, etc).  We have experience helping our customers through this integrated manufacturing approach from start to finish.

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