Ewag Grinding Machine Wheels

Ewag Grinding Machine Wheels

If you are manufacturing or regrinding high-precision tools or production parts and need grinding wheels for your EWAG grinder, Coastal Diamond can provide them. You can benefit from Coastal’s quick delivery and years of expertise providing grinding wheels to produce tight tolerances on polycrystalline diamond and metal tools on EWAG machines.

Typical Wheels are:

Typical operations:

  • Roughing and finishing grinding to final dimensions
  • Chamfer grinding
  • Carbide boring bar grinding shape grinding, radius grinding, and gashing
  • pCBN and polycrystalline insert manufacturing, flank grinding and radius grinding
  • Multi-axis (up to 6) machines can produce complex part geometries without reclamping
  • Resharpening of tools

Coastal Diamond’s proprietary formulations can be tailored to provide the optimum balance of material removal, part surface finish, and wheel life to maximize your productivity.

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