Carbide Cut off Wheels

Carbide Cut Off Wheels

The preferred method of cutting carbide rod to length in many diameters is with carbide cut off wheels or blades. (commonly called a diamond cut off wheel) Coastal Diamond produces a variety of cutoff wheels in different diameters and diamond layer widths, for both wet and dry cutting applications.

The rod is positioned at the proper cutting position relative to the carbide cut off wheel and is chucked or held in place. The wheel is brought into contact with the rod and the blade fed through the rod as the diamond cutting wheel slices away material. Both dry and wet cutting are practiced, although the advantages of using a coolant, including reduced cycle time, longer wheel life, and improved part finish, are driving increased adoption of wet operations. Typical conditions are a diamond wheel 0.035” wide flooded with coolant and creep fed with 0.100” to 0.200” depth of cut per pass. New lengths of rod can be manually positioned or fed via an indexing mechanism into cutting position. Operations range from completely manual to fully automatic.

Typical Operations:

  • Cutting carbide rod as blanks for cutting tool manufacturing
  • Cutting carbide tool holders to length and shape
  • Preshaping chamfers, angles, and prepoint angles

When you need increased productivity, you can rely on Coastal Diamond’s proprietary bond formulations, proven in decades of service, to provide Diamond cutoff wheels to meet your needs with short lead times.

We deliver…

  • longer cutoff wheel life (over 2x the competition in side by side comparisons)
  • shorter cycle times
  • decreased downtime
  • more parts per wheel and per hour
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